Accountancy doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with the right tax advice and strategic planning, it should be exciting. Rural accountancy isn’t just about compliance. It’s not just about being good with numbers. It’s so much more. It’s about being a part of the rural community. It’s about working side by side with businesses in a strong partnership, supporting you through the tough times, planning for the great times and achieving the results that matter to you – whatever it takes. Because we care about you. We care about your family and your staff. And we care about the success of your business.


Accountancy & Compliance Services

Why worry about the stress and pressures of traditional accounting & compliance demands, when you can put all of that worry into a safe, secure pair of hands? From tax returns to bookkeeping we’ve got every detail covered.

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Tax Planning

Tax is one of those certain things in life, so don’t let it be a scary unknown. We help you with all the preparation you’ll need for inheritance tax planning, advise you on income and capital gains tax relief, and make sure you get maximum value from your estate.

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Strategic & Business Planning

The key to success is having a good and proper plan in pace. Finding the time to do this is often a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to begin. We have decades of experience working with farms and rural businesses, so we know what you need, and how to help you get it.

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Case Studies
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23.08.2021 How Capital Gains Tax could be modernised to help British farmers Capital Gains Tax was introduced in 1965, but after 56 years, it’s clear some things need to change. Here's how CGT could be modernised.
30.07.2021 Are you making the most of the farm data you have available? With lots of new advances in cloud-based accounting, this provides huge opportunity to the farming industry. Here's how.