Financial pressures affecting your mental health?

We’re sure we can all agree that times are a little tougher than usual for farmers financially. What with the war in Ukraine affecting fertiliser prices, the phasing out of BPS payments and the recent rise in inflation it’s not surprising that many across the UK are feeling the pinch financially.

But feeling the pinch on your farm business from time to time and feeling a cloud of financial stress over your head are two very different things.  

RABI highlighted at this year’s Cereals event that the stretched financial position that farmers are under recently is starting to take its toll. This paired with the isolation that every farmer knows all too well is starting to affect our mental health. And sometimes it’s hard to see beyond this. That worry of, can we pay the rent, feed the stock, or pay the workers’ wages this month can get on top of you as a business owner. But here’s something to bear in mind – we are all human, and we all need to rest from time to time.

Take care of yourself

Easier said than done right?

Try telling a farmer to have a day off and you’ll probably get the response that they have no time for time off. Although jobs can be very time-dependent, whether that’s caused by the change in weather, documentation deadlines or generally needing to get a job done ASAP, finding some spare time in between can be difficult.

Although farming is definitely a way of life, not just a job it is still important to realise that as humans we need time off. We’re not saying to take a month’s break in the Bahamas (although that would be lovely), studies show that even a few minutes of rest a day can help your mental health.

Let us take some of the pressure from you

With over 25 years of experience in rural accountancy, we are more than capable of taking the pressure of bookkeeping off your hands. Taking away this stress is what we do here at Brightshire.

From accountancy and compliance services to tax and business planning we pride ourselves on the level of service we give to those in the rural community. Letting us take care of your accounts lets you get back to what you do best – farming, and more importantly, gives you the time for that all-important rest we spoke about earlier.

Need to talk?

If you or anyone you know feel like they need to speak to someone there is plenty of help our there for you.

RABI – 0800 188 4444

FCN – 01788 510 866 or 03000 111 999

Mind – 0300 123 3393

DPJ Foundation – 0800 587 4262 (Wales)

Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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