More than £168 million in grants will be available to farmers throughout 2023 to help support food production, improve animal health and welfare, and protect the environment. The role of grants will drive the development of new technologies and innovative ways of farming, focusing on practical solutions that advance the industry and deliver significant benefits to farmers and agricultural businesses.

As an accountancy firm based in the heart of rural Nantwich, we understand the importance of the agricultural industry to the UK economy. That’s why we want to share with you some of the grants available for those working within the sector.

What Funding Is Available?

One-Off Payments Available

One-off payments are to help you buy equipment or other capital items, or for activities you complete once. These types of payments include:

  • The Farming Investment Fund (FIF) provides grants between £1,000 and £500,000 to improve productivity, the environment and animal health and welfare, meaning you can apply for productivity and slurry items in conjunction with animal health and welfare items.
  • Research and innovation grants can be applied for through the Farming Innovation Programme, part of DEFRA’s investment in innovation, research, and development. The aims of the programme include helping to increase productivity, sustainability, and resilience; reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and horticulture; applying agricultural research to provide benefits for farmers, growers, and foresters; and using science to develop solutions for the practical challenges in agriculture and horticulture.
  • For farmers who keep livestock, you are entitled to funding that helps to pay for a vet-lead team to visit their farm and carry out an annual health and welfare review. Are you eligible for BPS? If so, you can register your interest to apply on the government website. Despite the phased removal of this grant, funding is currently available to eligible farmers within the industry.

Ongoing Payments

This type of funding is for activities that take around a year or more to complete. These types of payments include:

  • The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) can be applied for by BPS-eligible farmers. This provides funding to farmers who are implementing environmentally sustainable land management actions into their farming practices. You are entitled to apply for money to support soil management and to assess the moorland.
  • The Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) provides you with payment to manage habitats, woodland, and flood risks, and reduce water pollution. This grant is intended to protect and improve the diversity of wildlife; water quality; air quality; and natural flood management.
  • Funding is available to create new woodland on areas of land that are at least 1 hectare. You can apply for the England Woodland Creation Grant (EWCO) throughout the year.

There are many other opportunities within the industry to apply for grants to help improve your farm’s productivity, innovate your business, and incorporate more sustainable farming practices into the industry.

At Brightshire, we understand that navigating the world of grants and funding can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why our team of experienced accountants are here to help and advise you on which funding opportunities are best suited to your needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can support you.

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